Table of Contents


I     Fundamentals

1    The Communication Technology Ecosystem, August E. Grant, Ph.D.

2    A History of Communication Technology, Yicheng Zhu, M.A. & Dan Brown, Ph.D.

3    Understanding Communication Technologies, Jennifer H. Meadows, Ph.D.

4    The Structure of the Communication Industries, August E. Grant, Ph.D.

5    Communication Policy & Technology, Lon Berquist, M.A.

II    Electronic Mass Media

6    Digital Television & Video, Peter B. Seel, Ph.D.

7    Multichannel Television Services, Paul Driscoll, Ph.D. & Michel Dupagne, Ph.D.

8    Radio & Digital Audio, Heidi D. Campbell, Ph.D. & Rick Sparks, Ph.D.

9    Digital Signage, Jennifer H. Meadows, Ph.D.

10  Cinema Technologies, Michael R. Ogden, Ph.D.

III  Computers ...

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