Appendix A. Composition Adjustments in Postproduction

Composition Adjustments in Postproduction

Gone are the days of darkrooms, chemicals, and enlargers. With today's digital cameras, the developing, editing, and printing are done with computers and specialized software.

The five programs described in this appendix all allow you to adjust the composition of your image. This is not a complete overview or even a list of all the tools that these software can offer you for perfecting your compositions, but an overview of their respective crop tools. Cropping is the quickest way to adjust the composition of an image, and this book is about composition after all.

Being able to crop your images is nothing new — photographers using enlargers in the darkroom did it all the time — but now there are many more tools available for digital photographers.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop was released over 20 years ago and photo editing has never been the same. Photoshop has grown into a huge program that can do just about everything a photo editor could want. There are three separate parts to Adobe Photoshop: Bridge, Camera Raw, and Photoshop. You can crop your images in both Camera Raw and Photoshop.

Adobe Camera Raw

Adobe Camera Raw — or as it is usually known, ACR — is the part of Adobe Photoshop that translates camera-specific RAW files into a format that Photoshop can use. ACR allows you to edit the image before it is even opened in Photoshop, ...

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