Motherboard Design

5.1 Introduction

This chapter analyses a Pentium-based motherboard. An example board is the Intel 430HX motherboard which supports most Pentium processors and has the following component parts:

 PCIset components – 82438 System Controller (TXC) and 82371SB PCI ISA Xcelerator (PIIX3).

 82091AA (AIP) for serial and parallel ports, and floppy disk controller.

 DRAM main memory.

 L2 cache SRAM.

 Universal serial bus (USB).

 Interface slots (typically 4 PCI and 3 ISA).

 1 Mbit flash RAM.

Figure 5.1 illustrates the main connections of the PCIset (which are the TXC and PIIX3 devices). The TCX allows for a host-to-PCI bridge, whereas the PIIX3 device supports:

Figure 5.1 PCIset system architecture

 PCI-to-ISA bridge.

 Fast IDE.

 APIC ...

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