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I    Trends in HPC

1    Contemporary High Performance Computing

Jeffrey S. Vetter

2    HPC Challenge: Design, History, and Implementation Highlights

Jack Dongarra and Piotr Luszczek

3    The Green500 List: A Look Back to Look Forward

Wu-chun Feng, Kirk Cameron, and Thomas Scogland

II    Contemporary HPC

4    Tera 100

Michaël Amiet, Patrick Carribault, Elisabeth Charon, Guillaume Colin de Verdière, Philippe Deniel, Gilles Grospellier, Guénolé Harel, François Jollet, Jacques-Charles Lafoucrière, Jacques-Bernard Lekien, Stéphane Mathieu, Marc Pérache, Jean-Christophe Weill, and Gilles Wiber

5    The Mole-8.5 Supercomputing System

Xiaowei Wang and Wei Ge

6    Supercomputing in the DoD High Performance ...

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