Page references followed by “f” denote figures.




competitor comparisons in, 140, 188189

contract with advertiser regarding infringements, 186

copyright infringements in, 56

copyright works used in, 188

description of, 185

music used in, 176

Olympic Games symbols in, 192

prebroadcast reviews, 186187

production of, 186187

station liability for, 186

station promos, 187189

third-party spots, 185186

Advertisement agencies, 189

Amateur Sports Act, 191192

Analog recording devices, 78

Ancillary rights, 212213

Anticopying codes, 238

Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, 131

Antitrust law

behavior targeted by, 147148

civil, 146147

combinations or conspiracies to unfairly restrain trade, 146


agreements ...

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