RSS 0.92

RSS 0.92 arrived on Christmas Day 2000. Written by Userland Software’s Dave Winer, it expanded on 0.91 with five additional elements and a rethink of various restrictions placed on string length. According to Syndic8, 30% of publicly available RSS feeds declare themselves as 0.92. This may or may not be meaningful: 0.91 feeds are also valid as 0.92 feeds, and many declared 0.92 feeds may not use any of the additional elements or features. Nevertheless, the additional elements do provide richer metadata and the ability to use the Publish and Subscribe feature, as described in Chapter 12. Figure 3-2 shows a tree representation of RSS 0.92.

A tree representation of RSS 0.92

Figure 3-2. A tree representation of RSS 0.92

The Specification in Summary

  • XML-based.

  • One channel, with an unlimited number of items.

  • Each item may have a title, description, and URL, as well as a source, category, and enclosure.

  • Richer metadata — now pertaining to the item, as well as the channel.

  • Primarily pull-based, but gives facilities to enable Publish and Subscribe.

Example 3-2 is an example of RSS 0.92.

Example 3-2. An example of RSS 0.92

<?xml version="1.0"?> <rss version="0.92"> <channel> <title>RSS0.92 Example</title> <link></link> <description>This is an example RSS0.91 feed</description> <language>en-gb</language> <copyright>Copyright 2002, Oreilly and Associates.</copyright> <managingEditor></managingEditor> ...

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