19.2. IMAP

IMAP is the Internet Message Access Protocol. It was developed in 1986 at Stanford University; however, it has been overshadowed by less sophisticated mail protocols, such as POP (Post Office Protocol). IMAP allows the user to manipulate mail on the server as if it existed locally.

PHP implements IMAP 4, the latest incarnation described in RFC 1730. More information may be obtained at <http://www.imap.org/>, the IMAP Connection.

string imap_8bit(string text)

The imap_8bit function converts an 8-bit string into a quote-printable string.

array imap_alerts()

The imap_alerts function returns all the alerts generated by IMAP functions as an array and clears the stack of alerts.

integer imap_append(resource imap, string mailbox, string message, ...

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