About screen (Settings page, Recent Project Gadgets), 222

accessibility techniques

enter key as mouse clicks, 135-137

Flyouts, 137-138

HTML, 73

keyboard access, 72-73

putting focus on gadgets after loading, 135

Settings pages, 137-138

tab controls, adding, 135

theme colors, 73

accessing information (gadget design), 51

Active Desktop feature (Windows XP), 9

ActiveX COM, 38, 214

initializing inside gadgets, 215

Windows Registry, reading settings via, 229-234

ad gadgets

benefits of, 82

case study, 81

Added Features check box (Settings page), Site Statistics gadgets, 199

AddFeed function, feed gadgets, 147-148

AddItem function, feed gadgets, 146

addShadow() method, 46, 304-306

Adobe AIR widgets, 25

aesthetics, user interface design, 53

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