Chapter 13

Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds with Cryptocurrency Exposure


Bullet Diversifying with indirect stock exposure to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

Bullet Keeping an eye on blockchain and cryptocurrency ETFs and other indexes

Even if you’re a hard-core fan of cryptocurrency investing, getting some indirect exposure to the industry rather than diving directly headfirst into the market is always a good idea. In this chapter, I overview some methods to find stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs) that can get you just the right amount of exposure to the crypto market while diversifying your portfolio in other fields as well.

Remember Stocks, ETFs, and all other investment assets carry a certain amount of risk. To create an investment portfolio that is unique to your financial situation and goals, make sure you calculate your risk tolerance by checking out Chapter 3 and attending my Make Your Money Work for You PowerCourse: If you’re looking for one-on-one consultations, I recommend a dear friend and author of multiple For Dummies books, Paul Mladjenovic. You can check out his services ...

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