Appendix: Additional Quantum Resources

This appendix lists dozens of resources you can use to improve and extend your understanding of quantum mechanics, quantum computers, and cryptography.

Fully understanding quantum mechanics is something that all the experts in the field of quantum mechanics struggle with. Not only is it a complex subject that challenges our traditional understanding of natural science, but it is still in the early days of understanding with lots of missing pieces. So, you can be forgiven if you don't fully understand quantum mechanics, computers, or cryptography. Every quantum-related article and resource you consume will improve your understanding. With that in mind, this appendix gives you a list of resources that includes citations from the other chapters as well as new resources. It is broken out by various categories, including books, videos, online courses, websites, blogs, government-sponsored programs, vendor websites, and so forth. For many of the resources, I made comments at the end of the citation in parentheses, where I thought I could add any value in helping you to understand whether the resource is right for you.


  1. Aaronson, Scott (2013). Quantum Computing Since Democritus. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Great read by a very active quantum mechanics and quantum computer researcher, with a heavy focus on computer logic. Explains entanglement and quantum teleportation particularly well.)
  2. Bell, Philip (2018). Beyond Weird: Why ...

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