Chapter 8. Using Nova

Now that we have a working Nova installation, we need to ready it for use by our initial users. This requires us to do some command-line configuration on the Nova controller (or the server with the database). First, we will add a user, then upload a virtual disk image, launch the instance, and finally configure network access for it.

Creating User and Projects

The first step is using our new Nova installation is to create a user. This is a multi-step process that uses the nova-manage utility to create a project.

# nova-manage user create ken
export EC2_ACCESS_KEY=d77406c3-cea1-45af-bbd9-acfd16ff49e3
export EC2_SECRET_KEY=b9c6ab50-65d7-4185-a1a9-267a2afe30f9
# nova-manage role add ken cloudadmin
# nova-manage project create book ken
# nova-manage project zipfile book ken

The final command in the example will produce a zip-compressed file called Now uncompress the credential zip file and source the resulting novarc. This will set a number of environmental variables needed to access your Nova installation with other utilities. If you are creating this user on behalf of another user, you will need to give him this zipfile.

# unzip
 extracting: novarc
 extracting: pk.pem
 extracting: cert.pem
 extracting: cacert.pem
# . ./novarc

While not necessary, you might want to view novarc to find out what environmental variables it is setting for you. Remember that you will need to source this file in every session if you want to access your Nova ...

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