3.6. Configuration Management Mobilization

Configuration management is critical in software development. It is used to store, manage, and version control everything produced throughout the project lifecycle. The project will create and use thousands of artifacts. In the mobilization activities, you'll have created a whole series. Some will be required in all environments, and some will be different in other environments. All these need to be kept safe, version controlled, and easily accessible and deployable.

3.6.1. Defining Process Constraints

The configuration-management process constraints should list the tools and technologies that will be used for storing, managing, and version controlling artifacts throughout the project. This will mainly consist of the configuration-management tool, as well as any custom or other tools that surround it. The configuration-management tool may also need to integrate with other tools and applications, and these need to be listed and accounted for.

The development tools often tightly integrate with the configuration-management system. This makes it easy for developers to check in and check out directly from the development IDE. You might be using tools to manage your requirements, test cases, test scripts, and test results, and these tools might integrate with the configuration-management system or implement their own version tracking. The defect and change tracking tools may also integrate with the configuration-management system. It's also ...

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