4:2:0 format, 12, 19–20

4:2:2 (D1) format, 12, 17–19

8-VSB process, 161

16/9 pictures see PAL+

Access units (AU), MPEG-1, 58

Adaptation field, MPEG-2, 67

Advanced Television System Committee (ATSC) system, 160–2

Aliasing, 16

Analogue-to-digital converter (ADC):

for cable IRD, 117

for satellite IRD, 113

for terrestrial TV receiver, 122–3

Application programming interface (API) see Middleware

ASTRA digital TV channels:

frequency allocation, 156–8

reception considerations, 156, 158

ATSC (Advanced Television System Committee) system, 160–2

Audio see MPEG audio

B (bidirectional) pictures, MPEG-1, 37–8

Bandwidth considerations, 21–4

bandwidth limiting and modulation, 90

Betanova middleware, 130

Bit error rate (BER):

and channel coding, 81

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