Viewing call logs with MyAdmin

With MySQL as the central Log Store, we can simply access MySQL with any tool to query or event analyze the logs. In this example, we use a simple MyAdmin UI to connect to the MySQL backend. Here's the docker run command to start MyAdmin.

We just simply attach an instance of MyAdmin to the same network and tell MyAdmin to connect to mysql, the service name of the backend DB:

$ docker run --detach \    --name myadmin \    --network fn_net \    --network-alias myadmin \    -p 9000:80 \    -e PMA_HOST=mysql \    phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin

Browse to the exposed port, in this example port number 9000 , and log in using Username and Password, set during the setup of MySQL (func/funcpass). The following screenshot shows the login page of ...

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