Chapter 11. Adapt Your Organization for Dynamic Reteaming

You can grow your organization with dynamic reteaming in mind so that you have a resilient and flexible structure, or you can adjust your existing organization to enable dynamic reteaming. In doing either, there are several factors to consider, and this chapter provides ideas for both vantage points.

First, we will go over tools that you can use to analyze your context and align on it with your colleagues so that you are coming from the same mental frame. This is where the ecocyle tool that we learned about in Chapter 1 comes into play.

Next, there are constraints and enablers for dynamic reteaming to take into account that either help or hinder it. We will explore these, starting with a deep dive into collaboration dynamics first, and then we will go over some other key variables that impact dynamic reteaming.

Finally, we will talk about how you can prime your organization for reteaming. That is, we will cover what you can do to cultivate connection and alignment in your organization so that when reteaming happens later it will be easier.

Let’s get started then, with the ecocycle tool for analysis of your current work context.

Explore Where You Are on the Dynamic Reteaming Ecocycle

Have you ever been to a theme park and walked up to a poster of a map to see the You Are Here dot? We can do something similar to that with the ecocycle tool shown in Figure 11-1. It can be used to put our organization into a shared, visual ...

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