11 Smart Microgrid-Integrated EV Wireless Charging Station

Aqueel Ahmad and Yasser Rafat

Aligarh Muslim University

Samir M. Shariff

Taibah University

Rakan Chabaan

Hyundai Kia America Technical Center Inc


11.1 Introduction

11.2 Solar PV Module Configuration with a Wireless Charging System

11.3 Solar to EV Battery Feasibility Analysis

11.4 Wireless Charging System for EVs

11.5 Finite Element Analysis Modeling and Simulation of the WPT Coils for Magnetic Analysis

11.6 Results and Discussion

11.7 Conclusion



11.1 Introduction

The growing public concern on environmental problems and rising fuel costs has led to growing emission-free, eco-friendly means of transportation [1]. Hence, EVs and PHEVs are emerging ...

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