Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Decentralized Electricity Production from Renewable Energy

1.1. Decentralized production

1.2. The issue of renewable energies

1.3. Renewable energy sources

1.4. Production of electricity from renewable energies

1.5. Bibliography

Chapter 2. Solar Photovoltaic Power

2.1. Introduction

2.2. Characteristics of the primary resource

2.3. Photovoltaic conversion

2.4. Maximum electric power extraction [AST 08b] [PRO 97] [GER 02]

2.5. Power converters

2.6. Adjustment of the active and reactive power

2.7. Solar power stations [PRO 97] [AST 08b] [SAB 06]

2.8. Exercises

2.9. Bibliography

Chapter 3. Wind Power

3.1. Characteristic of the primary resource

3.2. Kinetic wind energy

3.3. Wind turbines

3.4. Power limitation by varying the power coefficient

3.5. Mechanical couplings between the turbine and the electric generator

3.6. Generalities on induction and mechanical electric conversion

3.7. “Fixed speed” wind turbines based on induction machines

3.8. Variable speed wind turbine

3.9. Wind turbine farms

3.10. Exercises

3.11. Bibliography

Chapter 4. Terrestrial and Marine Hydroelectricity: Waves and Tides

4.1. Run-of-the-river hydraulics

4.2. Hydraulic power of the sea

4.3. Bibliography

Chapter 5. Thermal Power Generation

5.1. Introduction

5.2. Geothermal power

5.3. Thermodynamic solar power generation

5.4. Cogeneration by biomass

5.5. Bibliography

Chapter 6. Integration of the Decentralized Production into the Electrical Network

6.1. ...

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