Chapter 10. Developing Track & Trace with the Ignite | IoT Methodology

The following sections document how we developed the first milestone of the Track & Trace testbed—the keynote demo for Bosch ConnectedWorld—with the help of the Ignite | IoT Methodology. We chose this scenario for Part III for the following reasons:

  • First, the scenario should represent the complexity of a typical IoT project as described by the Ignite | IoT Solution Delivery methodology. Hence, we decided to select a case study that involves multiple stakeholders from different application domains. In our case study, we included Bosch Rexroth as a connected tool manufacturer, Cisco as a wireless/localization expert, Bosch Software Innovations as a provider of IoT middleware and industrial solution design, Dassault/Haption/XSENS as 3D visualization and interaction experts, and Tech Mahindra as the system integrator to build the complete solution.

  • Second, the scenario should be simple enough to be described in a couple of pages (we hope that we managed to do this!). Those without much knowledge of the domain should be easily able to follow its core idea. So we used a well-known thing (i.e., nutrunners) and investigated their professional usage in industry.

  • Finally, the case study should not be a one-off demo, but should have the potential to be developed into a professional solution over multiple steps (as outlined by the phased approach earlier). The collaborative approach taken with the IIC to build the partner ...

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