Appendix A. The Enterprise JavaBeans API

This appendix is a quick reference guide to the Enterprise JavaBeans API. It is broken down into sections. First, we look at the classes in the javax.ejb package, followed by the classes in the javax.ejb.deployment package (EJB 1.0 only). Within each package, the classes are organized alphabetically.

Package: javax.ejb

This package contains the heart of the EJB API. It consists mostly of interfaces, many of which are implemented by your EJB vendor. These interfaces essentially define the services provided by the bean’s container, the services that must be implemented by the bean itself, and the client interface to an enterprise bean. The package also contains a number of exceptions that are thrown by enterprise beans.


This standard application exception must be thrown by all create methods defined in the home interface to indicate that the bean could not be created.

public class javax.ejb.CreateException extends java.lang.Exception
    public CreateException();
    public CreateException(String message);


This standard application exception is thrown by the create methods of the home interface of entity beans, and it indicates that a bean already exists with the same primary key.

public class javax.ejb.DuplicateKeyException 
    extends javax.ejb.CreateException
    public DuplicateKeyException();
    public DuplicateKeyException(String message);


This is the base class for both EntityContext and ...

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