Make the Gadget

Although monitoring radiation can be tricky, building this gadget is pretty straightforward. More complexity comes in when programming Arduino and uploading radiation readings to Pachube.


  1. Arduino
  2. Ethernet shield
  3. Breadboard
  4. Geiger counter
  5. IR collector (RadioShack catalog #276-0142)
  6. 1k resistor (color code brown, black, red)
  7. Long solid strand wire, 18–22 gauge
  8. 1 package of heat-shrink tubing. We used tubing from RadioShack (catalog #278-1611); you can use others.

Breadboard the Circuit

Check your work on the breadboard view (Figure 9-1).

Step 1 Connect one end of a long red wire to the collector lead (the shorter lead) on the IR detector and the other into a row on the breadboard.

Step 2 Connect one end of a long black wire to the emitter lead (the longer lead) on the IR detector. Plug the other end into a different row on the breadboard.

Step 3 Connect a jumper wire from the emitter on the detector to GND on Arduino.

Step 4 Insert the 1K resistor into ...

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