Essentials of Contemporary Business first edition represents a fresh, new approach to an introductory college business text. Like the popular Contemporary Business, this new book covers all the major business topics but does so in a more concise fashion. The Essentials version of Contemporary Business maintains key elements that readers have come to value, including the opening vignettes, insightful examples, charts, graphs, and figures, along with relevant photographs and current references. Adding to the concise text, Essentials of Contemporary Business offers readers a new look, printed in an easy-to-read, two-column format.

However, it is the content that really allows a text to connect with students and instructors, and once again Essentials of Contemporary Business is spot on. During the editing process, each chapter was reviewed for critical business concepts, and those parts that contributed to the understanding of the chapter concepts were retained; where appropriate, new material was incorporated into the text. Chapter 6, for instance, was updated to include examples of new ways that entrepreneurs can raise money for their ventures, including crowd funding. Other areas were expanded, such as those in Chapter 3 dealing with comparative advantage and Chapter 10 on 3D printing. Along the way, the manuscript of these newly condensed chapters were sent to our dedicated team of reviewers, and we were pleased to see from their comments that we were on the right track. ...

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