A/B testing, 110–111

ability tests, 160, 163–164

accuracy, mistaking precision for, 220–222

action. See bias toward action

Activision Blizzard, 106

Addington, Crandell, 72

ADHD, 156–158

admitting past mistakes, 180–182

AdWords, Google

Conversion Optimizer for, 44

painful switch to, 43–44, 50–51

redefining success with, 43

aggregate levels, success measured at, 127–128


feedback loop at, 49–50

interviewing experience at, 130

removing veto power of individual interviewers, 194

scrapping biased résumé AI tool, 208

talent acquisition analytics, 70

analysis paralysis, 217


recruiting star performers, 8–9

talent acquisition analytics, 70

arguments, avoid admitting failed hiring predictions, 181–182

Armstrong, Tim, 42, 44

Arthur, ...

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