I Go to Basic

Failure to adequately resource our [military] with the required number and quality of personnel can have far reaching and strategic implications and threaten our nation’s ability to defend its national interests at home and abroad.

—Colonel Michael Matthews, United States Army

Shortly after my book Fanatical Prospecting was published, we began to get calls from military recruiting commands. They were ordering as many as 50 books at a time. At first we thought it was an anomaly, but the orders kept coming.

Then, I began getting e-mail and notes on social media from military recruiters and leaders telling me how they were using the techniques in Fanatical Prospecting to fill the recruiting funnel. Entire companies and battalions were reading the book. I couldn’t make sense of why there was so much interest from the military in a prospecting book that was written primarily for business-to-business sales professionals.

A Conundrum

Sales Gravy, the company I founded in 2006, is a global training, development, and consulting company with a focus on business-to-business sales acceleration. We’re known for helping our clients make sales productivity and performance improvements, fast. We’ve built our reputation on shaping and customizing training curriculum around our clients’ unique situations and cultures.

We believe, at the core, that delivering training content in our clients’ language is the most effective way to speed the pace of the assimilation and actualization ...

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