Developing Mental Toughness

When the going gets tough, the mentally tough keep going.

This is the brutal, undeniable truth. Sales is a tough, grueling, and sometimes heartbreaking profession. The pressure to deliver and the demand to perform in sales is unrelenting. You must deliver results or you will be fired. In the sales profession, it’s not about what you have sold, it is about what you sell today.

Fanatical prospectors receive more rejection before 9:00 AM than the average person gets in an entire year. The fact is, most people wouldn’t last a minute in sales. They are so afraid of rejection that they’d rather starve to death than make a single prospecting call.

This is why salespeople are the elite athletes of the business world. The employees of your company (even if they don’t act like they understand this) count on you for their jobs and paychecks. The owners and executives need you to deliver on your numbers to keep the shareholders happy.

Simply put, no salespeople (elite athletes), no customers, no profit, no growth, no company, no team. If your company were a professional sports team, the salespeople would be on the field playing the game and everyone else would be on the sidelines supporting the you.

I want you to stop for a moment and look at yourself in the mirror. See yourself for who you really are, an elite athlete. Just as a professional sports team counts on its players to deliver in the game, your company counts on its elite athletes (you) to deliver ...

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