Note: Page numbers followed by “f” indicate figures and “t” indicate tables.’
Advisory Committee on Commercial Operations (COAC), 127–130, 175
Air cargo activity, 4–5, 5t
Alaska Partnership for Infrastructure Protection, 85–86
All-hazards approach, 86
Arctic Domain Awareness Center of Excellence (ADAC), 130
Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), 20–21, 68–73, 89, 172
Automated Targeting System, 114–115
Big Data, 175
Automated Targeting System, 114–115
data analytics, 115
data avalanche, 114
Gestalt theory, 116
SAFE Port Act, 115
semi-structured data, 113–114
structured data, 113–114
unstructured data, 113–114
U.S. Library of Congress, 113
Broker-Known Importer Program (BKIP), 126–127
Business goals
private goals, 119–120
social goals, 120–122
Capture theory, ...

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