Chapter 3. Google Cloud Run

Google Cloud Run is a serverless compute solution that allows you to run your containerized applications without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. Cloud Run is built on the same foundation as the open source community project Knative. Knative allows developers to focus on their application code without having to worry about the management of computing resources. Google Cloud Run also provides features such as autoscaling, redundancy, logging, and custom domains that enterprises require to run production workloads.

Google Cloud provides you with two ways to run Cloud Run: Cloud Run (fully managed) and Cloud Run for Anthos, which provides a consistent platform for your applications for either cloud or on-premises environments. Cloud Run for Anthos, which is powered by Knative, enables you to deploy your applications running on Cloud Run to platforms managed by Anthos.

Cloud Run (fully managed) allows you to deploy containers without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Cloud Run for Anthos allows you to run your containers on-premises or on a Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster. Running on a GKE cluster does require the management of the cluster but provides additional benefits such as custom machine types and additional networking support. This chapter, however, will focus on Cloud Run fully managed.

In this chapter, you will learn how to trigger a Cloud Run service from a Pub/Sub topic creating automated pipelines, ...

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