B Trees*

Donghui Zhang

Northeastern University


16.2The Disk-Based Environment

16.3The B-tree

B-tree DefinitionB-tree QueryB-tree InsertionB-tree Deletion

16.4The B+-tree

Copy-up and Push-upB+-tree QueryB+-tree InsertionB+-tree Deletion

16.5Further Discussions

Efficiency AnalysisWhy Is the B+-treeWidely Accepted?Bulk-Loading a B+-treeAggregation Query in a B+-tree



We have seen binary search trees in Chapters 3 and 11. When data volume is large and does not fit in memory, an extension of the binary search tree to disk-based environment is the B-tree, originally invented by Bayer and McCreight [1]. In fact, since the B-tree is always balanced (all leaf nodes appear at the same level), it ...

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