Happy Accidents

Book description

Stop saying 'no' to opportunity, and start saying 'yes' to possibility

Happy Accidents is your personal guide to transforming your life. As we take on task after task, responsibility after responsibility, we lose sight of who we are and why we're doing what we do; we rush through the day completing a to-do list, but we never really seem to accomplish the things that are most important. What goals do you have for your life? What steps have you taken toward them today? Consider this book your guide to getting back on track to your dreams and help inspire those around you. It's not about doing more or doing less, it's about making what you do worthy of the effort. From forging new relationships, stepping out of your comfort zone, and reframing your work—start valuing these as empowering choices you get to make toward a particular goal every day.

To preserve our precious time and energy, we often default to 'no,' yet this only closes the door to our growth, while a 'yes' opens up a world of possibilities. The secret is adding 'yes, and' to our lives. This seductively simple turn of phrase opens the doors to better collaboration and positive relationships, and invites self-sustaining opportunities into our world. 'Yes, and' helps you get from where you are, as an individual or organization, to where want to be.

No person or organization is an island, and none of us reaches our goals alone. This book shows you how to build on the power of open-mindedness, cultivate supportive relationships, and adopt a win-win mindset to reignite your purpose and unleash your best.

  • Harness the power of team collaboration, cooperation, and creativity
  • Reframe 'mistakes' and 'bad ideas' into 'Happy Accidents' that lead to opportunities
  • Communicate more effectively by learning how to listen actively and build on the pertinent information
  • Relinquish some degree of control to allow for more growth and discovery

Children have a natural inclination toward curiosity. As we grow into adults, our curiosity gradually takes a back seat to obligations, responsibility, and duty—but that spark remains, and can be reignited. Don't spend your life adrift in a sea of 'could've, would've, should've'—take back your sense of purpose, positivity, joy, time, and energy with the power of Happy Accidents.

Table of contents

  1. Fourword
  2. IntroductionHow to Reset Your Mind-set From “No, But” to “Yes, And”
    1. You’re Already an Improviser
  3. 1 How to Harness the Power of 
    1. Getting Into Comedy 101
    2. Our First Happy Accident: 
Discovering the Power of We
    3. In “Yes, And” We Trust
    4. Chapter 1 Intermission
    5. When One Door Closes, ­Opportunity Knock-Knocks
    6. Conscientiousness
    7. The Origin of an Idea
    8. Chapter 1 Highlights
    9. Chapter 1 Exercise
  4. 2 Life’s All About the Leap, Not 
the Landing
    1. Opportunity Isn’t Opportunity, 
Unless We Choose to Seize It
    2. Renting Our First Starter Home
    3. Chapter 2 Intermission
    4. Manifestation Is When Intention Meets Belief
    5. The Curtain Rises
    6. Shared Passion Creates Fertile Ground for Success
    7. The Happiest of Accidents
    8. The Goal We Share Together We Achieve Together
    9. You See a Rainy Wedding Rehearsal and We See a New Theater
    10. Chapter 2 Highlights
    11. Chapter 2 Exercise
  5. 3 How to Get the Maximum Return on Improvisation (ROI)
    1. Value Your Staff and Customers and They Will Value You
    2. Chapter 3 Intermission
    3. In Improvisation, the Setback or Perceived Mistake Can Be the 
Next Great Thing
    4. Chapter 3 Highlights
    5. Chapter 3 Exercise
  6. 4 How to Treat Your Coworkers Like Artists and Poets
    1. Can Someone Please Teach Me to Be Authentic?
    2. The Call of Hollywood
    3. Chapter 4 Intermission
    4. The Work Is What Matters
    5. Hollywood’s on Line 1
    6. Chapter 4 Highlights
    7. Chapter 4 Exercise
  7. 5 Why a Controlled Life Is the Enemy of a Happy Life
    1. (A, P, A), E, I, O, U, and 
Always, Why?
    2. The Age of Poi-Zen (Our Breakup)
    3. Chapter 5 Intermission
    4. The Age of Re-Zen (Our 
Big Makeup)
    5. Chapter 5 Highlights
    6. Chapter 5 Exercise
  8. 6 How ­Being a Better ­Listener Makes You a ­Better ­Communicator
    1. Crisis, Party of Six, Your Table 
Is Ready
    2. Would You Like Your Financial ­Meltdown on White or Wheat?
    3. Chapter 6 Intermission
    4. Pull Up a Deck Seat on the Titanic and Enjoy the View
    5. Lifeboat, Party of Six
    6. Chapter 6 Highlights
    7. Chapter 6 Exercise
  9. 7 Why There Are No Mistakes, Only Higher and Lower Percentage Choices
    1. Relationships
    2. Chapter 7 Intermission
    3. Vision
    4. That’s the Spirit!
    5. Chapter 7 Highlights
    6. Chapter 7 Exercise
  10. 8 How to Transform Your Labor of Love Into a Masterpiece
    1. It’s Raining Congressmen and Congresswomen
    2. 20 Seconds from Another Happy Accident
    3. Chapter 8 Intermission
    4. Building a “Yes, And” City
    5. Chapter 8 Highlights
    6. Chapter 8 Exercise
  11. 9 When All Else Succeeds, Leap Again
    1. Take Ownership of Your Choices
    2. Chapter 9 Intermission
    3. Practice Genuine Appreciation and Authenticity
    4. Pen to Paper to Passion 
to Product
    5. Yet Another Happy Accident, but This One Has Wings
    6. Chapter 9 Highlights
    7. Chapter 9 Exercise
  12. 10 It Takes a Village, Idiot
    1. Chapter 10 Intermission
    2. Chapter 10 Highlights
    3. Chapter 10 Exercise
  13. Encore Exercises
    1. “Gift-Giving” Exercise
    2. “I Get To” Exercise
    3. “Shared-Experience” Exercise
    4. “Gratitude” Exercise
  14. Index
  15. EULA

Product information

  • Title: Happy Accidents
  • Author(s): David Ahearn, Frank Ford, David Wilk
  • Release date: September 2017
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119428565