Currying functions

Haskell allows for both curried and uncurried functions:

greetCurried :: String -> String -> String
greetCurried title name
  = "Greetings " ++ title ++ " " ++ name

greetUncurried :: (String, String) -> String
greetUncurried (title, name)
  = "Greetings " ++ title ++ " " ++ name

Let's suppose that we need a function with the first argument fixed:

greetCurried' :: String -> String
greetCurried' = greetCurried "Ms"

greetUncurried' :: String -> String
greetUncurried' name = greetUncurried ("Ms", name)

In both cases, we have applied one of the arguments and thereby specialized our original function. For the uncurried function we needed to mention all parameters in the reshaped function, while for the curried one we could just ignore subsequent ...

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