anxiety, 213, 223. See also self-care

apologizing, 179. See also relationships

aspirations, 44–46. See also priorities


identities and, 60

self-care and, 186

Total Leadership and, 8, 14

autonomy, 67, 70. See also decision-making

avocational domain, 44. See also domains

Baldoni, John, 237–238

Bayer Healthcare, 108–109

bedtime, 232–233. See also self-care

belonging, the need for, 149. See also friendships

bereavement leave, 142. See also flexible work arrangements

blue light, 234. See also sleep


days off and, 95–99. See also time management

experimenting with, 22–23

flexible working arrangements and, 134–135

managing around identities, 59–60

parenting and, 173

part-time work and, 113–114

personal crises and, 139

rituals ...

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