Chapter 2. Experiments: Test your theories

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Can you show what you believe?

In a real empirical test? There’s nothing like a good experiment to solve your problems and show you the way the world really works. Instead of having to rely exclusively on your observational data, a well-executed experiment can often help you make causal connections. Strong empirical data will make your analytical judgments all the more powerful.

It’s a coffee recession!

Times are tough, and even Starbuzz Coffee has felt the sting. Starbuzz has been the place to go for premium gourmet coffee, but in the past few months, sales have plummeted relative to their projections.

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The Starbuzz CEO has called you in to help figure out how to get sales back up.

The Starbuzz board meeting is in three months

That’s not a lot of time to pull a turnaround plan together, but it must be done.

We don’t totally know why sales are down, but we’re pretty sure the economy has something to do with it. Regardless, you need to figure out how to get sales back up.

What would you do for starters?

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