Chapter 10. The OOA&D Lifecycle: Putting It All Together

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Are we there yet? We’ve been working on lots of individual ways to improve your software, but now it’s time to put it all together. This is it, what you’ve been waiting for: we’re going to take everything you’ve been learning, and show you how it’s all really part of a single process that you can use over and over again to write great software.

Developing software, OOA&D style

You’ve got a lot of new tools, techniques, and ideas about how to develop great software by now... but we still haven’t really put it all together.

That’s what this chapter is all about: taking all the individual things you know how to do—like figuring out requirements, writing up use cases, and applying design patterns—and turning it into a reusable process that you can use to tackle even your trickiest software problems, over and over again.

So what does that process look like?

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Let’s build a software project, from start to finish, using this process.

We’ve used all of the different parts of this process to work on software projects throughout the book, but we haven’t yet really put it all together. But that’s all about to change... we’re going to let you build ...

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