Chapter 6. Securing your Application: Assume they’re all out to get you

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Your parents were right: don’t talk to strangers. Or at least don’t trust them. If nothing else, don’t give them the keys to your application data, assuming they’ll do the right thing. It’s a cruel world out there, and you can’t count on everyone to be trustworthy. In fact, as a web application developer, you have to be part cynic, part conspiracy theorist. Yes, people are generally bad, and they’re definitely out to get you! OK, maybe that’s a little extreme, but it’s very important to take security seriously and design your applications so that they’re protected against anyone who might choose to do harm.

The day the music died

Uh oh, our young virtual rock prodigy’s moment in the limelight has been short-lived, as Jacob’s top Guitar Wars score is somehow missing, along with all the other scores. It seems a diabolical force is at work to foil the high score application and prevent Guitar Warriors from competing online. Unhappy virtual guitarists are unhappy users, and that can only lead to unhappy application developers... you!

image with no caption
image with no caption

Where did the high scores go?

We know that the main Guitar Wars page is empty, but does that ...

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