Chapter 12. TiVo

Hacks 94–100

Strictly speaking, TiVo and recording television shows aren’t part of a home theater. Realistically, though, I don’t know how anyone into watching movies and TV could live without a TiVo, so this chapter belongs in this book as much as any other.

For the most part, TiVo works into the home theater equation as just another device to program into the remote control; there really isn’t anything special you’ll have to do to ensure TiVo works with your cable or satellite receiver.


In the days of VCR recording, things were much trickier, as you would have to pipe the input audio and video signals through a receiver or processor, out another set of inputs, and into your VCR. With TiVo being self-contained and built into most DirecTV receivers, things are far easier.

Because TiVo is so simple to use, I’ve selected some of the cooler—and more applicable—hacks from the bestselling TiVo Hacks (by Raffi Krikorian, O’Reilly) to whet your appetite. Hopefully, these will drive you into a TiVo frenzy, and you’ll purchase the much more comprehensive, complete book.

Must-Skim TV

Slide through boring baseball games, pausing only for crowd-pleasing catches and game-tying errors. Cram that unnecessarily lengthy reality show into a scant 15 minutes of onscreen viewing.

TiVo really is “TV your way.” Most people assume it’s just about pausing live television to visit the restroom, or watching your shows when you’re good and ready to do so. But there are more tidbits to be incorporated ...

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