Appendix A. HTML5 Resources

Comparison of HTML5 Layout Engines

Not all browsers are equal. Check with this page for a breakdown of how different engines handle HTML5.

Comparison of JavaScript frameworks

A Wikipedia entry serving as a feature comparison between the different JavaScript libraries that make web building easier. Included in the comprehensive listing are entries on how well each library handles basic accessibility and ARIA support.

Dive into HTML5

Written in the public domain and codified in HTML5: Up and Running, Mark Pilgrim breaks down the HTML5 specification and browser support in exquisite detail.

HTML5 Boilerplate

The title is a bit of misnomer as it includes more than HTML5, but the misnomer is the only complaint. The entire HTML5 Boilerplate is a thesis project on how to set up and run an efficient web page template.

HTML5 id/class name cheat sheet

When creating a template, it’s good to draw on previous work. Take a look at this survey of common values for id and class attributes.

HTML5 Implementations in Web Browsers

This wiki page contains a centralized listing of which browsers support the different parts of HTML5.

HTML5 Demos

A collection of demos put together by JavaScript developer Remy Sharp.

HTML5 Doctor

Before there was IE9 or Chrome, the HTML5 Doctor was in explaining the specification, testing what worked and what didn’t. Continuously updated, covering the latest issues facing web designers building with HTML5.

HTML5 Reset

A basic set of HTML and CSS files to code ...

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