Chapter 5

A Nerd’s Guide to System Preferences


Bullet Navigating System Preferences

Bullet Locating specific controls

Bullet Customizing Mojave from System Preferences

Remember the old TV series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea? You always knew you were on the bridge of the submarine Seaview because it had an entire wall made up of randomly blinking lights, crewmen darting about with clipboards, and all sorts of strange and exotic-looking controls on every available surface. You could fix just about anything by looking into the camera with grim determination and barking an order. After all, you were On the Bridge. That’s why virtually all the dialog and action inside the sub took place on that one (expensive) set: It was the nerve center of the ship, and a truly happenin’ place to be. Just like the bridge of your favorite starship from an entire host of TV shows and movies.

In the same vein, I devote this chapter to the System Preferences window and the most commonly used settings within it. After all, if you want to change how Mojave works or customize the features in our favorite operating system, you should head toward System Preferences. This one window is the nerve center of macOS ...

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