CHAPTER 9Approvals and Permits

Every major project requires a comprehensive plan to manage the approvals process, a permitting plan and register to track permits, and an approvals schedule that is realistic and manageable. The approvals schedule should capture all of the milestones and tasks required to receive the necessary approvals and permits to build the project. The schedule should be integrated into the overall project schedule in order to ensure that timing of the approvals and permits are managed along with the rest of the project schedule.

Approvals are high-level permissions from governing bodies that allow the organization to proceed with the entire project. Permits are the detailed permissions for each component of the project that are typically provided by a variety of regulatory agencies. Examples include building permits, permits to take water, permits to dispose waste, and permits for air and water emissions.

Once high-level approvals are secured, continued permitting efforts will require continued stakeholder engagement with government regulatory bodies and local communities to ensure that stakeholder support continues during the permitting process. Engaging local communities and other key stakeholders during the approvals and permitting process is a critical component to receiving the required approvals and permits. Facilitating open and consistent dialogue between all the affected parties will help with this.

The preceding chapters have taken you through identifying ...

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