Active and passive viewing, 206207

ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) system, 56, 65

Advanced Television Enhancement Forum (ATVEF), 7677

Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), in depth, 6061

Advertising as a revenue source, 104108

banner advertising, 104

benefits of interactive television, 104

Coty’s Rimmel brand campaign, 120121

direct response interactive television, 105107

enhanced television techniques, 104

Finish Powerball 3in1 campaign, 121123

interstitial adverts, 104

sponsorship, 107

AltiComposer, 181182

Analogue teletext, 10

Analogue television transmission:

bandwidth efficiency, 4647

carrier waves and modulation, 41

simultaneous with digital, 57

switching off intentions, 90

vertical blanking intervals (VBIs), ...

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