Chapter 14

Finishing the Basic App Structure

In This Chapter

arrow Laying out the basic app structure in the storyboard

arrow Adding and formatting the rest of the view controllers for the RoadTrip app

arrow Creating the segues

arrow Adding a gesture recognizer to the Content controller

In earlier chapters, I’ve waxed poetic about storyboards but I haven’t really (completely) shown you why I find them so appealing. Now it’s time for you to experience the reason yourself.

As I say earlier in the book, the storyboard is basically about working with view controllers. You might imagine yourself laying out your storyboard at the beginning of app development, and, in fact, that is how many developers begin. Just as with storyboards for movies, commercials, and games, a storyboard for an app can be understood and discussed by a wide range of people. Developers can recognize the Cocoa Touch components it will use, but potential users, backers, graphic designers, and others can also relate to the simplicity of a storyboard.

Many developers do start with a storyboard, but they often only start with the basics. In ...

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