Creating a Custom View

To create a custom view, you subclass UIView and customize that subclass’s image. Create a new iOS Objective-C class (Figure 6.5).

Figure 6.5  Creating a new class

Creating a new class

On the second pane of the assistant, choose NSObject as a superclass and name the class HypnosisView. Click Create on the sheet that drops down. Then, open HypnosisView.h in the editor area. Change HypnosisView’s superclass from NSObject to UIView.

@​i​n​t​e​r​f​a​c​e​ ​H​y​p​n​o​s​i​s​V​i​e​w​ ​:​ ​N​S​O​b​j​e​c​t​
@​i​n​t​e​r​f​a​c​e​ ​H​y​p​n​o​s​i​s​V​i​e​w​ ​:​ ​U​I​V​i​e​w​

You now have a UIView subclass.

(Why didn’t we select UIView as the superclass ...

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