Chapter 11

Going on a Mobile Safari


check Surfing the Net

check Opening and displaying web pages

check Having fun with links, bookmarks, and History lists

check Securing Safari

“The Internet in your pocket.”

That’s what Apple promised the iPhone would bring to the public when the product was announced in January 2007. In the years since, Apple has delivered on that pledge.

For years, the cellphone industry offered a watered-down mobile version of the Internet, but the approaches typically fell far short of what people had come to experience while sitting in front of a computer.

Apple was a pioneer in replicating the real-deal Internet on a phone. Web pages on an iPhone look like web pages on a Windows PC or Mac, right down to swanky graphics and pictures — and at least some video and web-based games. In this chapter, you find out how to navigate through cyberspace on your iPhone.

Surfin’ Dude

A version of the Apple Safari web browser is a major reason that the Net on the iPhone is very much like the Net you’ve come to expect on a computer. Safari for the Mac (and for Windows) is one of ...

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