Chapter 16

When Good iPhones Go Bad


check Fixing iPhone issues

check Dealing with network and calling problems

check Sending your iPhone for service

iPhones are usually quite reliable; most users we’ve talked to report mostly trouble-free operation. Notice our use of the words most and mostly. That’s because every so often, even a good iPhone goes bad. It’s not a common occurrence, but it does happen. So in this chapter, we look at the types of bad things that can happen, along with suggestions for fixing them.

What kinds of bad things are we talking about? Well, it could be the phone itself, making or receiving calls, the touchscreen, wireless networks, or syncing with your Mac or PC.

After all the troubleshooting, we tell you how to get more help if nothing we suggest does the trick. Finally, if your iPhone is so badly hosed that it needs to go in for repairs, we offer ways to survive the experience with a minimum of stress or fuss.

Tip If one of the steps that follow fixes your iPhone issue, we urge you not to close the book. Rather, skim through the rest of the chapter, paying particular ...

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