Chapter 2

Setting Up iTunes and Your iPod

In This Chapter

  • Installing iTunes on a Windows PC and a Mac
  • Examining what you can do with iTunes
  • Visiting the iTunes Store
  • Setting up a store account

This chapter explains how to set up your iPod with iTunes on a Mac or for Windows. iTunes includes the iPod software, which provides the intelligence inside the device. iTunes is no slouch in the intelligence department either, because it immediately recognizes the type of iPod you have and installs the correct software.

Installing iTunes

If you're a Mac user, you should already have iTunes installed because all Macs sold since 2003 (and many before that time) are preinstalled with iTunes and Mac OS X, and you also get iTunes if you install Mac OS X on an older machine. The most up-to-date version of iTunes as of this writing is version 9.

The version of iTunes that's provided with the Mac might be the newest version; then again, it might not be. Software updates occur very rapidly. If iTunes displays a dialog with the message that a new version of iTunes is available and asks whether you would like to download it now, click Yes to download the new version. Mac OS X not only downloads iTunes but also installs it automatically.

image You can set your Mac to automatically download the latest version of iTunes when it becomes available. Choose Preferences from the iTunes menu, click the General ...

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