Appendix A

Review Question Answers

Chapter 1

  1. 8088
  2. 8086 was a true 16-bit path.
  3. The number of operations that are processed in one second
  4. SDRAM is much faster
  5. A DIMM is a Dual In-line Memory Module—a form factor used for RAM.
  6. The internal speed of a computer or processor expressed in megahertz (MHz) or gigahertz (GHz)
  7. Electrically eErasable pProgrammable ROM (EEPROM) typically maintains the BIOS code, which can be updated either with a downloadable file or with a disk that the BIOS manufacturer supplies
  8. Programmable Read Only Memory - A chip used to hold specific code. Typically used with the system's BIOS
  9. PCIe is a new computer expansion card standard that will eventually replace PCI and AGP PCIe standard offers a faster bus throughput and a ...

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