Chapter 17. The JAXR Business Objects

The purpose of JAXR is twofold: It models the data structures managed by ebXML and UDDI registries and it provides an API for searching registries and publishing data to registries. Because UDDI is the standard XML registry supported by the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0, and J2EE supports the BP, this chapter focuses on explaining the mapping between the JAXR information model and UDDI data structures (XML complex types).

If you need JAXR to access an ebXML registry, you should consult the JAXR 1.0 specification available on Sun Microsystems' Web site.[1] You can also use the OASIS ebXML Registry Reference Implementation (ebxmlrr), an open source JAXR implementation for ebXML at SourceForge.[2]

The JAXR information ...

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