Chapter 8. Facilitating Dark Fiber Replacement Using a QFX3500

A common theme in most of these engagements is the continual learning that we network warriors experience. I have had the privilege of being associated with this industry for over three decades. In that time there has never been a period where the technology has been in a steady-state condition for any length of time. The state of the art of telecommunications changes continually, and keeping up with it requires constant education. This engagement once again was a learning experience: it involved a new client vertical industry (drugs), a new transmission technology (Fibre Channel), and a new Juniper Networks device (the QFX3500).

In many areas, Juniper Networks leads the state of the art in telecommunications. They have continually increased speed, increased density, and introduced groundbreaking features and services. In this engagement, the tribe used a new Juniper Networks product to help a customer reduce cost and standardize its data center, while meeting the constraints of some very persnickety applications.

Existing Design

For obvious reasons, I won’t reveal the identity of this Eastern Seaboard company; for the purposes of this chapter, we’ll call it ACME Drug.

The client runs a drug research facility at a location that is remote from the main data centers. Prior to this engagement, the client’s research servers and storage facilities were tied to the main data center via leased-line fiber facilities, for which the ...

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