Chapter 22. Containers, Layouts, and AWT Loose Ends

  • Pluggable Look and Feel

  • All About Containers

  • Layout in a Container

  • Tying up the Loose Ends

  • Exercises

  • Some Light Relief—Sky View Cafe: A High Quality Applet

We're now two-thirds of the way through our tour of JFC and Swing. This chapter completes the topic by presenting some containers and an explanation of how you use them to lay out your components neatly on the screen. We also give some information on a couple of topics that are related to the window system in general.

Pluggable Look and Feel

Let's start off the chapter with something that, while not unique to Java, is certainly not widely available. I'm referring to the Pluggable Look and Feel or PLAF as it is usually abbreviated. ...

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