Differentiable neural computer

Differentiable neural computer (DNC) refers to a new architecture of computers equipped with artificial intelligence that can access the memory and process it to answer new questions. This machine is therefore able to learn from its memory. This architecture of calculators was presented by its authors (the Google DeepMind team) in 2016 through the following publication: Graves, A., Wayne, G., Reynolds, M., Harley, T., Danihelka, I., Grabska-Barwińska, A., Colmenarejo, SG, Grefenstette, E., Ramalho, T., Agapiou, J., and Badia, AP, 2016. Hybrid computing using a neural network with dynamic external memory, Nature, 538 (7626), p.471.

When we, as humans, recall something to our minds from our memories, we take as ...

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