Leadership from the Inside Out, 3rd Edition

Book description

Grow the Whole Person to Grow the Whole Leader

This long-awaited third edition turns leadership development inside out for a new generation of authentic, purpose-inspired leaders. Balancing timeless principles with emerging research, this new edition offers:

• Two new chapters: “Story Mastery” and “Coaching Mastery”
• New case studies, stories, and exercises in every chapter
• New validating research from the frontiers of leadership, neuroscience, psychology, and human potential
• An even more powerful and transformative development experience

Now framed in eight profound and pragmatic “mastery areas,” this book serves as an integrated growth experience that helps leaders understand how to harness their authentic, value-creating influence and elevate their impact. Cashman demonstrates that his trademark “grow the whole person to grow the whole leader” approach, focusing on purpose-driven leadership, is even more relevant in today's hypercomplex world. For everyone from CEOs to emerging leaders, this new edition of a proven classic advances the art and science of leadership.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Why a New Edition?
  7. How to Use This Book . . . from the Inside Out
  8. The Beginning of the Journey
    1. Reflection: Conscious Wake-Up Call
  9. Chapter One: Personal Mastery Leading with Courage, Authenticity, and Awareness
    1. Breaking Free of Self-Limiting Patterns
    2. Integrating All of Life’s Experiences into a Meaningful Context
    3. Deepening Authenticity for Sustainable Leadership
    4. The Authenticity and Courage Test
    5. Exploring Beliefs
    6. Reflection: Conscious Beliefs
    7. Seven Clues That Bring Shadow Beliefs to Light
    8. The Courageous Practice of Authenticity
    9. Leading in Character . . . Leading by Coping
    10. Qualities of Character and Coping
    11. Reflection: Character and Coping
    12. Understanding Our Owner’s Manual
    13. Reflection: Clarifying Our Strengths and Growth Areas
    14. Eight Principles of Personal Mastery
    15. Leadership Growth Plan: Personal Mastery
    16. Leadership Growth Plan: Personal Mastery Example
  10. Chapter Two: Story Mastery Leading with Inspiration
    1. The Language of Leadership
    2. From Information to Inspiration
    3. A Tale of Two CEOs
    4. The Story of Teams
    5. Not All Stories Are Created Equal
    6. The Red Thing
    7. Some Short Stories That Inspire
    8. Reflection: Creating Your StoryLine
    9. Six Practices for Inspiring Stories
    10. Five Shadows of Destructive Stories
    11. Stories from the Inside Out
    12. Four Principles of Story Mastery
    13. Leadership Growth Plan: Story Mastery
  11. Chapter Three: Purpose Mastery Leading On-Purpose
    1. To Lever or to Unilever?
    2. Has Performance Become Your Purpose?
    3. Purpose: The Big Why
    4. Purpose Powers Performance
    5. Discovering the Core
    6. Identifying Core Talents
    7. Reflection: Core Talents
    8. Recognizing Core Values
    9. Reflection: Core Values
    10. Revealing Core Purpose
    11. Core Purpose and Core Development
    12. “Moving Upstairs” to Our Purpose
    13. Purpose Is Bigger and Deeper Than Our Goals
    14. Bridging Individual and Organizational Purpose
    15. Infusing Life with Purpose
    16. Orbiting around Core Purpose
    17. Six Thousand Days
    18. Eight Principles of Purpose Mastery
    19. Leadership Growth Plan: Purpose Mastery
  12. Chapter Four: Interpersonal Mastery Leading through Synergy and Service
    1. Two Principal Streams of Leadership Development
    2. Building Relationship Bridges
    3. Balancing Personal Power with Synergy Power and Contribution Power
    4. Reducing the Intention-Perception Gap
    5. Beyond 360° Feedback to 720° Development
    6. Intimate Connection of Personal Mastery and Interpersonal Mastery
    7. The Inclusion Paradox Creates Value
    8. Opening Up Possibilities
    9. Moving from Leader to Opener
    10. Trusting and Engaging in Constructive Conflict
    11. Reflection: Building Relationships
    12. Six Principles of Authentic Interpersonal Mastery
    13. Leadership Growth Plan: Interpersonal Mastery
  13. Chapter Five: Change Mastery Leading with Agility
    1. Uncovering the Learning and Growth Contained in Change
    2. Breaking Old Patterns and Opening Up to Change
    3. Developing Present-Moment Awareness to Deal with Change Effectively
    4. Bridging the Paradox of Immediate Focus and Broad Awareness for Leading during Turbulent Times
    5. Learning to Trust Ourselves amid Dynamic Change
    6. Leadership Development as Measured by Our Ability to Adapt
    7. Becoming the CEO of Change
    8. Change Yourself . . . Change the World
    9. Change Initiatives Rarely Succeed
    10. Seven Change Mastery Shifts
    11. Reflection: Dealing With Change
    12. Measuring Our Ability to Deal with Change
    13. Seven Principles of Change Mastery
    14. Leadership Growth Plan: Change Mastery
  14. Chapter Six: Resilience Mastery Leading with Energy
    1. Resilience Is a Constant Challenge
    2. Resilience Trends at the Top
    3. Moving from Time Management to Energy Leadership
    4. Reflection: Time Management Vs. Energy Leadership
    5. What Healthy, Productive 100-Year-Olds Can Teach Leaders
    6. Resilience Is a Dynamic Process
    7. Nature’s Resilience: Rest and Activity
    8. Ten Principles of Resilience Mastery
    9. Reflection: Building Energy and Resilience
    10. Leadership Growth Plan: Resilience Mastery
  15. Chapter Seven: Being Mastery Leading with Presence
    1. Personal Journey into Being
    2. Going to Another Level to Resolve Leadership Challenges
    3. Getting Things Done by Non-Doing
    4. The Search for Something More
    5. Don’t Place Descartes before the Source
    6. Techniques to Unfold Being
    7. Reflection: Exploring the Leader Within
    8. Connecting with Our Inner Self
    9. Being and Executive Presence
    10. Leadership Benefits of Being Mastery
    11. Four Principles of Being Mastery
    12. Leadership Growth Plan: Being Mastery
  16. Chapter Eight: Coaching Mastery Leading by Developing Self and Others
    1. Merging Th ree Interrelated Coaching Mastery Steps
    2. Coaching Mastery Step One: Building Awareness
    3. Reflection: Building Awareness
    4. Coaching Mastery Step Two: Building Commitment
    5. Reflection: Building Commitment
    6. Coaching Mastery Step Th ree: Building Practice
    7. Reflection: Building Practice
    8. The Art of Coaching Others
    9. Coaching Others to Build Awareness
    10. Coaching Others to Build Commitment
    11. Coaching Others to Build Practice
    12. Best Practices for Practice
    13. Parting Thoughts for Your Journey Ahead
  17. The Journey Continues
  18. Notes
  19. Bibliography
  20. Acknowledgments
  21. Index
  22. About Kevin Cashman
  23. About Korn Ferry

Product information

  • Title: Leadership from the Inside Out, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s): Kevin Cashman
  • Release date: October 2017
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781523094370