Plugin: BuildAHouse

I’ve got a plugin already set up for you; all you need to do is declare some variables and you can give the /buildahouse command.

First make your way to the downloaded code, and into the BuildAHouse plugin:

$ ​cd Desktop
$ ​cd code/BuildAHouse/src/buildahouse
$ ​ls

You’re going to edit the file, which is one small part of this whole plugin (don’t look at the rest yet!). Right now it looks like this:

package​ buildahouse;
public​ ​class​ MyHouse {
public​ ​static​ ​void​ build_me() {
// Declare width
// Set width to the number of blocks
// Declare height
// Set height to the number of blocks
BuildAHouse.buildMyHouse(width, ...

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